Developer? Coder? Use your skills to expand Booking-X

The bounty system allows you to develop add-ons for Booking-X and expand its functionality.
While, of course, getting compensated for your efforts.

Why join the Booking X Bounty program?

Be Part of a new WordPress Community

The main aim of the Booking X bounty program is to kick start the community that works with the plug-in

Earn AUD$200 Per Bounty +80% per
Add-on subscription

For every bounty that you claim, complete, and add to the Booking X marketplace, you will receive AUD$200

Push the limits of
what is possible with a web site

Leveraging the advancement of
web technologies, you will change how people use websites.

How it works

  1. Scroll through the unclaimed bounties. If you see one you want to tackle, claim it as your own and begin work on it. It’s a first-come first-served system, so act fast!
  2. Develop the add-on. The core development team will be happy to help you out if you need any help.
  3. Submit your add-on for quality assurance. If your add on is up to standards, then we’ll add it to our marketplace, and you’ll get AUD$200 up front, and 80% of your subscription fees.

Your Responsibilities

So much as we’d like you to have a hands-off experience once your add-on has been developed, you’ll still need to do some minor caretaking.

You’ll be responsible for:

  • Maintaining your code – fixing bugs and updating it to match updates to Booking-X, WordPress, and the tech world as a whole.
  • Acting as secondary support – While our team will handle basic support, our developers may need to get in touch with you occasionally to help resolve issues.

The Full Force of Booking-X Behind You

Once you’ve completed your add-on and it’s been added to our store, it won’t be a full time job taking care of it.

The Booking-X brand will:

  • Promote your add-on on our site and social media.
  • Reach out to third parties to assist with the development of the Add-on and promotion.
  • Assist with the tutorials and developer documentation.
  • Handle basic (level 1) support for you.
  • Suggest additions and improvements for your Add-on (it’s up to you implement them or not).

Stay up to date with the latest development of Booking X

We hate spam as much as you, so will only email when we have something important to tell you.