A powerful and fully-customizable
booking system for your website

Booking X is a flexible and WordPress booking plugin that lets you manage
bookings and reservations made on your WordPress website
in a simple, flexible, and reliable way.

Accept PayPal, Credit
Cards, Stripe, and other
– with deposits as an option

Accept bookings without
relying on third party

Extremely easy for
anyone to use — from
WordPress beginners to
Pro Developers

Your complete booking plugin

Crystal Clear

Booking-X helps make your
bookkeeping easy by keeping
great records of your past bookings,
and allowing you manage and control
your current appointments.


Keep your customers
up-to-date with upcoming and
even missed appointments
with emails that you can tailor
to fit your business’ unique voice.


If you’re not afraid to play
around under the hood,
Booking-X code is fully open.
We keep it properly
commented, logically
structured, and easy to
make any corrections
or additions to.

Straightforward to use

Whether you’re a virtuoso developer or a
receptionist, Booking X is designed from the
ground up to be simple and straightforward to
use, while still being effective. You don’t need
any training, or experience – just dive right in.

Work with Your Business

Rental cars or masseuses, Booking-X’s
in-built flexibility allows you to
manage your bookings no matter
what kind of product or service you offer.

The Bounty System

If you’re a developer, why not use your skills to help expand the Booking-X
ecosystem? The bounty system lets you solve challenging problems and
fine-tune your coding skills – while getting paid for your time and effort.

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