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Published - 25 Nov, 2017


Introducing Booking-X, a flexible booking plugin created for businesses and developers. Accept, manage, and arrange your bookings all in one place. Add a stress-free booking system on your website with a few clicks. Customize the interface to fit your branding. Develop add-ons for a more powerful experience.

Feature-Rich Booking Experience

Booking-X leverages the power of WordPress. The familiar interface of the platform makes it easy to use Booking-X right out of the box. Its impressive features ensure efficient creation and management of your resources and bookings. The easy-to-use functions will save your time and money.

Key Features:

  • Easy installation
  • Multiple calendar views: agenda, weekly and monthly
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Edit individual dashboards.
  • Choose your resource type: staff, product, or space
  • Fixed and mobile location
  • Flexible booking filters
  • Effortless payment
  • Email notifications
  • Compatible with all WordPress themes
  • Developer friendly

Customize Everything

Booking-X understands that your brand is your top priority. It seamlessly integrates into your WordPress theme for a consistent experience. Customize your booking page to grab your customer’s attention. Add your style to the email template to bring your brand right to the customer’s inbox.

Personalize how each dashboard handles bookings. Specify the availability of your services and resources in the calendar. The multiple calendar views make it easy to see upcoming events. It also allows you to notify your customers through email so they won’t miss their bookings.

Booking-X also offers options to pay bookings in full or in deposits. The multi-lingual platform is powered by Paypal. This ensures secure and fast transactions all the time. Don’t forget to watch out for more payment gateways and language support!

Developer Friendly

Developer Friendly

Booking-X is built on the best practices for WordPress development. Developers can easily extend the functionalities of the plugin. The exhaustive documentation offers information right at your fingertips. The custom post types make it easy for developers to start right away.

Add-on Development

Community developed add-ons are essential to any platform. Soon, Booking-X will roll out an add-on marketplace to further serve you. WordPress developers are welcome to add their contributions. The add-ons will tailor-fit Booking-X to your business. Expanding your booking system is essential to a growing business. Booking-X will grow with you as your business takes off.

Continuous Improvement

Booking-X improves and changes as industries grow. Your ever-changing business will always have Booking-X at its core. Innovation is its backbone. The platform will evolve as technology moves forward.

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