Bounty Program Begins!

Published - 6 Jul, 2018

Here at Booking X, we recognize the power of the developer community. That is why we are leveraging your ideas to make Booking X a better plugin. Let the Booking X Bounty Program begin!

What is the Booking X Bounty Program?

Last month, we introduced the Booking X Bounty Program to everyone. Booking X is a robust plugin that works right out of the box. However, we know that each business has its own specific needs. We would love to help each unique business grow with Booking X. Along the way, different ideas can make Booking X a much better booking system.

With your ideas and development talents, we would like you to develop your own Bounty! A bounty is an extension or add-on that adds a specific function to Booking X. We already have a long list of bounty at hand. All you have to do is claim a bounty and develop it. We will provide you with the required specifications for each bounty. The Booking X team will also be helping you out along the way.

Make Booking X Work For You

We have a long list of bounties for you to claim. Booking X aims to work for you and different types of businesses out there. Here are some examples of bounties that you can claim:

  • Coupon code and rewards system
  • Different booking reminders
  • Payment integrations such as PayPal and Stripe
  • Integration with Alexa, Siri, and Cortana

Those are just a few of the planned add-ons. We are also accepting suggestions that you have in mind. You can claim up to three bounties at a time and begin working on them as soon as possible.

What You’ll Get

For each bounty that passes our Quality Assurance team, you’ll get AUD$200. Each bounty should be fully functional and ready for release. Our Quality Assurance team will keep an open line of communication so you can easily achieve this.

Moreover, we will let you set a subscription price for your bounty. The Booking X team will also work with you to set the perfect price before we release it on the Booking X Marketplace. And you get to keep 80% of that subscription earnings!

For more information, read our primer on the Booking X Bounty Program.

Final Thoughts

So what are you waiting for find out more about the Booking X bounty program and start claiming bounties.

See you soon!

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