Introducing the Booking X Bounty Program

Published - 23 Apr, 2018

Booking X Bounty Program – Leveraging the Community

We are excited to introduce the Booking X Bounty Program!

At this point, loads of ideas are pouring in about the future of Booking X. We see it as a flexible booking solution to any business. However, we realize that we can create a better Booking X by welcoming a diverse set of ideas and expertise. Along with this, we are excited to build and nurture a community around Booking X.

Booking X aims to become the most flexible booking plugin around. The team is working hard on making this dream come true. There are two ways that we can accomplish this: (1) create a Booking X that is everything to everyone, or (2) create a lightweight Booking X and welcome the efforts of the development community. We realize that we cannot do this alone. Having developers of different backgrounds with us will only make Booking X flexible and stronger.

Welcome to the Booking X Bounty Program!

Booking X is already a robust booking application. It works right out of the box in itself. However, different businesses require different booking functions. That is why we believe that the combination of our ideas and your expertise will help us create a better Booking X.

We already have a long list of ideas which we call Bounty. These are extensions and specific functions of Booking X that we would love to see in the future. We are inviting you to claim a bounty and develop it. We will provide you with the required functionality and even some chunks of code that we have started.

Once you claim and completed a bounty, you will communicate with our Quality Assurance team to test your add-on. You are free to continuously improve on the add-on and even act as the second level support.

What You’ll Get

So, what exactly do you get from claiming a bounty? An AUD$200 awaits you for each add-on that passes our Quality Assurance team. It should be fully functional according to the specification described in each bounty. At this stage, we would love to maintain an open communication with you at all times.

Wait! It does not stop here.

We understand that you are the only one who knows how difficult it is to create your add-on. The Booking X team will let you set the subscription price for the add-on once it releases in the Booking X Marketplace. Of course, it is subject to the Booking X team’s approval. You get to keep 80% of that subscription! Part of your responsibility is to maintain and improve the add-on. Moreover, we will tap into your expertise by acting as the second level support.

What’s the Catch?

There’s no catch!

We are a group of passionate developers who wants to create a flexible booking plugin. We think there’s no robust booking plugin out there yet. The only way to create an effective plugin is to combine the expertise of the developers around the world. You will be working with Booking X team who maintains the core Booking X plugin. By developing an extension for Booking X, you will skip the tedious part of developing the core plugin yourself. If you see a bounty which interests you, it is easy to implement the add-on functionality right away.

Claiming a bounty means developing an add-on extension with us. The Booking X team is excited to work with you every step of the way. We would love to learn from your expertise and hopefully you’ll learn something from us. We aim to be as transparent as possible. The team will provide you with the resources to understand and develop add-ons for Booking X.

Final Thoughts

We are excited to hear from you in the coming weeks. Claim a bounty for a chance to earn AUD$200 and more! We will be posting more details soon on how you can join the Booking X Bounty Program. Stay up-to-date with the latest news about the program and everything about Booking-X by signing-up to our newsletter!

See you soon!

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