Add Resource

Add Resource

To add a resource go to Booking X -> Resources (This label will differ depending on what you set it as in your Alias settings)

Adding the Resource Name, Description and Image works the same as creating a page or post in WordPress.

  1. Resource Name is the form field “Enter Title Here”
  2. Description in the block or visual editor
  3. Set the feature image for the resource image.

In the Details section you can do the follow:

  1. If the resource does the service at a different fixed location (not mobile), you can change it here. The default will be address set in Business Information -> General Details
  2. When a resource is only available certain months of the year, set “Will this Seat only be available certain months of the year:” to Yes and then select the months it is available:.
  3. By default Resources will use the Days of Operation as their availability. You can customize this by changing the days and hours. If you set this to  No the resource will be available 24/7.
  4. When a customer makes a booking and you want to take a deposit or full payment set “Will the booking require pre payment” to Yes.
    1. You can then select if you want to take full payment or a deposit.
    2. If you select deposit you can set payment as a fixed amount or Percent.
  5. If the resource is going to be a site user, set Do you want to associate this with a user to Yes.
    1. If you would like the system to automatically create the user set :”Create User automatically” to Yes
  6. Extra Notification details can be added

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