Add Service

Add Service

To add a resource go to Booking X -> Service (This label will differ depending on what you set it as in your Alias settings)

Adding the Service Name, Description and Image works the same as creating a page or post in WordPress.

  1. Service Name is the form field “Enter Title Here”
  2. Description in the block or classic visual editor
  3. Set the feature image for the service image.

In the Details section you can do the following:

  1.  Set Price
  2. Set Time type. E.g. Days, Hours, Minute
  3. Set if the time can be extended. E.g. The default time for the service is 1 hour. If set to Yes, will allow a customer to book multiple of the set time.
  4. Set which resources will be able to offer the service
  5. Set if this service is at a fixed location (what was set in General Details or New Resource) or mobile.
  6. Set if the service will offer extras (services only offered when booking another service)

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