Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Email Notifications allow the system to communicate with you and your customer to notify when actions are taken during the booking process.

Booking X -> Settings -> General Tab -> Email Notifications

To edit a notification email just click the “Manage” button.

Screenshot of the Email Notifications page, listing all the different emails your can manage. Including; Pending Booking, Edit Booking.

You have the option to enable/disable each of the notification email. Though we recommend having an open channel with your customers informing them of what is happening with their booking.

All Customer emails are sent to the customer, but you can also send a copy to yourself for your records of communication. Administration email default to the default WordPress administration email.

There are a number of “placholders” you can use in your emails to display relevant details about the customers booking.

  • {business_name} – Business Name
  • {site_address} – Business Web SIte URL
  • {fname} – Customer First Name
  • {lname} – Customer Last Name
  • {phone} – Customer Phone Number
  • {email} – Customer Email Address
  • {total_price} – Total Price
  • {seat_name} – Resrouce Name e.g. Staff member name
  • {base_name} – Service Name
  • {business_email} –  Business Phone Number
  • {business_phone} – Business Email
  • {additions_list} – Service Extras
  • {time_of_booking} – Time of Booking
  • {date_of_booking} – Date of Booking
  • {location_of_booking} – Booking Location
  •  {booking_number} – Booking ID
  • {booking_status} – Booking Status e.g. Pending, Acknowledged etc
  • {amount_paid} – Amount customer paid at time of making the booking
  • {amount_pending} – Amount the customer required to pay at time of booking
  • {txn_id} – Transaction ID for online payment
  • {booking_edit_url} – URL for the customer to use to edit their booking

Email Type will allow you select what type of email you would like to send; Plain Text, HTML or Multipart

Screenshot of the Pending Booking email being managed. Includes form fields such as Recipients, Subject, Main Body. It also highlights the short codes you can use in the email.

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