View Booking Details

To view the bookings full details; In Agenda view, click the View link at the right side of the Basic Booking Details. For Weekly and Monthly view, click the Booking label.

You will then be able to see all details of the booking, including;

  1. Booking ID
  2. Customer Details
  3. Booking Location
  4. Booking Date, Time, Duration
  5. Booking Status
  6. Payment Type – If you don’t take payment at time of booking, or just a deposit, this will be highlighted here
  7. Total Payment
  8. Resource, Service and Extras
  9. A visual time map – THis enables you to view the booking and all its aspects in a visual way.
  10. Booking Notes display each action of the booking. E.g. Status changes. You can also add you own notes. Each addition is timestamped.
  11. If for any reason you need to reassign the resource for the booking you can do this here.