Booking X at Wordcamp Udaipur 2018

Published - 4 Jan, 2018

What is Wordcamp?

Wordcamps are locally-organized conferences covering everything WordPress. It is a way for WordPress users, enthusiasts, and developers to connect with one another. Wordcamps come in different flavors. Because it is run by local communities, it includes anything from sessions for beginners to plugin and theme development workshops.

Everyone is welcome to attend Wordcamps. Attendees range from bloggers to experts in their fields. It promotes collaboration between diverse groups of people. And because it is locally organized, it answers the needs of the community about WordPress.

Booking X in Wordcamp Udaipur 2018

We are excited to see you in Wordcamp Udaipur 2018 on January 27, 2018. This is Booking X’s first Wordcamp sponsorship. And definitely not the last. Look out for one of our developers, Divyang Parekh, to find out more about Booking X and our future plans!

We are excited to get in touch with you. Don’t forget to send your feedback and suggestions about Booking X. Have a chat with Divyang. Or connect with us through our Booking X website.

See you there!

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