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Published - 17 Jan, 2018

Google has rapidly expanded its services beyond its native search engine form. The IT behemoth has created innovative products from cloud drives to business solutions. It is also continuing to improve its search engine functions. You can access a dictionary, calculator, and even a speed test tool right on the search engine. Now, users can use the Google platform to reserve bookings with local businesses.

What is Reserve with Google

Currently, Google allows business owners to claim their business presence on its platform. It offers free Google listing which makes it easy for businesses to appear in Google Search or Google Maps. Businesses can customize their pages, add relevant information, and interact with reviews. Now, they can accept bookings right on Google Search, Maps or on Reserve with Google.

Reserve with Google makes businesses accessible to everyone. It makes local businesses discoverable for potential customers. It seamlessly uses the business’ existing Google Account to simplify bookings. Currently, the platform is only open to U.S. businesses in the fitness or beauty industry.

How Reserve with Google Works

Being on Reserve with Google starts with having a listing on Google. This makes it easy for customers to reach the business using Google Search or Maps. Businesses will then sign-up with one of Google Partners. A booking portal is created for the business to accept bookings. They can also manage bookings using integrated Google Products and Services.

Benefits of Reserve with Google

Reserve with Google offers numerous benefits to the local businesses. Users can make bookings directly to the business. They can do it without even leaving the platform. Moreover, merchants can reach more people easily. Businesses appear on searches and maps. They are also discoverable across devices and platforms which uses Google Search and Maps. Yes, even mobile devices. Customers can also go to the portal to look for businesses.

Reserve with Google Partners

Right now, Reserve with Google is still limited to lifestyle and health industry in the U.S. There are numerous platforms which are directly integrated with Google. Businesses can easily accept and manage bookings made with the partner platform and Reserve with Google. Moreover, products like Google Calendar integrates with the booking platform for an effective customer reminder and other functions.

Future with Reserve with Google

Reserve with Google is still in its early form. However, as data is collected and the service improves, it will be open to businesses outside the health and lifestyle industry. The efforts of Google Business in several countries also opens its booking system to local entrepreneurs. While there are still no launch date, Google is aiming to make it available in different locales.

Final Thoughts

Reserve with Google is a great platform. Google products are practically everywhere. Thus, having business listings and the ability to book without leaving the platform attracts more customers. It is an excellent secondary platform that works with the business’ main booking system.

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