WordPress Booking Engines

The rapid changes in web technology are giving birth to new and innovative virtual products and services. Beyond virtual products such as e-books, music, and other content, Web 2.0 paved the way for services to be available online. The development of rapid communication systems and sophisticated payment methods made online services possible. Now, it is… Continue reading WordPress Booking Engines

Reserve with Google

Google has rapidly expanded its services beyond its native search engine form. The IT behemoth has created innovative products from cloud drives to business solutions. It is also continuing to improve its search engine functions. You can access a dictionary, calculator, and even a speed test tool right on the search engine. Now, users can… Continue reading Reserve with Google

Different Booking Engines

The power of the Internet enabled a lot of business processes to be automated. Moreover, manual processes such as booking were eventually made online. It opened up to easier access and more potential customer. Businesses have begun bringing procedures online since the inception of the Internet. Today, Internet has become of staple of modern living.… Continue reading Different Booking Engines