Marketing Automation and Why It Matters

Marketing is as essential as sales in any company. More than revenue, marketing builds a relationship with customers. The sales process itself is one of the most emergent forms of marketing. Marketing is significant from the company’s budding stage through its growth. While it is quite manageable to market to a smaller set of customers,… Continue reading Marketing Automation and Why It Matters

Do Businesses Still Need a Website?

Web 2.0 brought significant changes to the World Wide Web that shaped its current and future forms. It’s predecessor, Web 1.0, introduced the building block of the digital world: the web page. It introduced the radical idea that people can consume content beyond the printed media. Web pages are easier to update, cheaper to produce,… Continue reading Do Businesses Still Need a Website?

REST API, GraphQL, and the Blockchain

The Internet is a defining aspect of modern life. It is everywhere from the sprawling metropolis to far-flung areas. It is estimated that in 2017 there were close to 3.8 billion Internet users. That is almost 50% of the total global population. Additionally, there were 4.9 billion mobile users with the majority of it connected… Continue reading REST API, GraphQL, and the Blockchain

Gutenberg, The Imminent Arrival

Content creation is the center of WordPress and its success. The default editor TinyMCE has served the community quite well. However, this year marks a significant change in WordPress history: the release of Gutenberg. What is Gutenberg? Gutenberg is a completely different approach to the default WordPress Editor. The traditional input window of TinyMCE Editor… Continue reading Gutenberg, The Imminent Arrival

The Rise of Personal Assistant

Artificial intelligence has long been an interesting technological development. The early days of science fiction works are filled with speculations about robots and computer who can think for themselves. Nowadays, we are beginning to see a significant surge of artificial intelligence. This is especially noticeable in the consumer market. AI has long been studied and… Continue reading The Rise of Personal Assistant