Booking X Sponsors WordCamp Wellington 2018

Booking X is looking forward to meeting everyone in WordCamp Wellington 2018, at the new BizDojo Market Lane in the heart of Wellington. Meet the team at the swag table and grab some goodies we’ll have available. We’d love to have a chat with you about Booking X, and much more on 23rd & 24th June… Continue reading Booking X Sponsors WordCamp Wellington 2018

Introducing the Booking X Bounty Program

Booking X Bounty Program – Leveraging the Community We are excited to introduce the Booking X Bounty Program! At this point, loads of ideas are pouring in about the future of Booking X. We see it as a flexible booking solution to any business. However, we realize that we can create a better Booking X… Continue reading Introducing the Booking X Bounty Program

Booking X Sponsors WordCamp Mumbai 2018

Booking X is excited to meet everyone in WordCamp Mumbai 2018. We are looking forward to meeting the WordPress community at VMCC, IIT-Bombay, Powai. Watch out for Booking X’s booth! We have goodies like stickers and t-shirts for select lucky WordCampers. Have a chat with us about Booking X, WordPress, and much more on 17th… Continue reading Booking X Sponsors WordCamp Mumbai 2018

REST API, GraphQL, and the Blockchain

The Internet is a defining aspect of modern life. It is everywhere from the sprawling metropolis to far-flung areas. It is estimated that in 2017 there were close to 3.8 billion Internet users. That is almost 50% of the total global population. Additionally, there were 4.9 billion mobile users with the majority of it connected… Continue reading REST API, GraphQL, and the Blockchain

Gutenberg, The Imminent Arrival

Content creation is the center of WordPress and its success. The default editor TinyMCE has served the community quite well. However, this year marks a significant change in WordPress history: the release of Gutenberg. What is Gutenberg? Gutenberg is a completely different approach to the default WordPress Editor. The traditional input window of TinyMCE Editor… Continue reading Gutenberg, The Imminent Arrival

Reserve with Google

Google has rapidly expanded its services beyond its native search engine form. The IT behemoth has created innovative products from cloud drives to business solutions. It is also continuing to improve its search engine functions. You can access a dictionary, calculator, and even a speed test tool right on the search engine. Now, users can… Continue reading Reserve with Google

Booking X at Wordcamp Udaipur 2018

What is Wordcamp? Wordcamps are locally-organized conferences covering everything WordPress. It is a way for WordPress users, enthusiasts, and developers to connect with one another. Wordcamps come in different flavors. Because it is run by local communities, it includes anything from sessions for beginners to plugin and theme development workshops. Everyone is welcome to attend… Continue reading Booking X at Wordcamp Udaipur 2018

The Rise of Personal Assistant

Artificial intelligence has long been an interesting technological development. The early days of science fiction works are filled with speculations about robots and computer who can think for themselves. Nowadays, we are beginning to see a significant surge of artificial intelligence. This is especially noticeable in the consumer market. AI has long been studied and… Continue reading The Rise of Personal Assistant

Different Booking Engines

The power of the Internet enabled a lot of business processes to be automated. Moreover, manual processes such as booking were eventually made online. It opened up to easier access and more potential customer. Businesses have begun bringing procedures online since the inception of the Internet. Today, Internet has become of staple of modern living.… Continue reading Different Booking Engines

JS Frameworks, REST API, and WordPress as a Headless CMS

Content Management Systems (CMS) have been a staple in developing websites for quite a while. It has become an excellent option for businesses especially those creating their websites. The efficient back-end management makes it easy for administrators to post dynamic content. Additionally, the thousands of ready-made themes eliminate the need to develop front-end interfaces from… Continue reading JS Frameworks, REST API, and WordPress as a Headless CMS